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Moisture checks

What is moisture testing?

Moisture testing will often form part of the inspection process. This may be on request from at the time of booking an inspection, or may become part of the inspection through the discovery of potential leaking problems.

The moisture tests are carried out in the first instance using a non-invasive (i.e non-probe) moisture meter. This allows us to test a wider range of sites without causing damage to the property. Where high moisture readings are apparent during this process, an invasive (i.e. probe type) moisture meter can be used. This will often require the approval of the property owner.

Possible leaks or water ingress

Where water ingress is detected or the construction of a house is high risk (i.e. some plaster clad houses) moisture tests can be carried out on request with a non-invasive moisture meter.

Where further investigation of any issues is required (i.e. where moisture readings are higher than acceptable), permission is required from the vendor to carry out moisture tests using an invasive (probe type) moisture meter. If readings are still high, we make recommendations for further invasive investigations. Read more about leaky homes.