What does a Building Inspection Report cover?

When you request a Building Inspection Report, we will complete a thorough building inspection that includes the following (room by room):

The internal condition of the property including:
  • wall linings
  • windows and doors
  • hardware
  • floors
  • bathroom fixtures
  • fittings
  • tiled areas
  • kitchen
  • cabinetry
Identification of the lack of and/or failure of waterproofing in tiled areas

Sub-floor (when accessible), including:

  • foundations
  • ventilation
  • condition of the sub-floor framing
  • condition of pipe-work, etc
Ceiling, walls and sub-floor insulation, roof and roof space (when accessible), including roof framing, wiring and other electrical items. Plumbing and plumbing fixtures (including site drainage)

External condition of the house including:

  • exterior cladding
  • door and window frames, etc
Additional buildings and landscaping items including:
  • garages
  • carports
  • fences
  • paving
  • drives
  • decking
  • areas around swimming pools
Alterations or additions to the property including
  • recommendation that council records are checked for compliance of any changes to the property.
Possible leaks or water ingress :

Where water ingress is detected or the construction of a house is high risk (i.e. some plaster clad houses) moisture tests can be carried out on request with a non-invasive moisture meter. Where further investigation of any issues is required (i.e. where moisture readings are higher than acceptable), permission is required from the vendor to carry out moisture tests using an invasive (probe type) moisture meter. If readings are still high, we make recommendations for further invasive investigations. Read more about leaky homes or refer to our FAQ section.

Plumbing, electrical and drainage:

If these do not appear to comply with regulations, we recommend further investigation by a registered tradesman.


Your house inspection report is available by the close of business the following day and will be provided to you electronically.

Our comprehensive building reports starts from $450 plus GST depending on the size and nature of the property.